Rajashree Marriage stops Ayyanaar progress

Rajashree Marriage stops Ayyanaar progress

Aadhi and Meera Nandan starrer Thenappan’s upcoming production venture ‘Ayyanaar’ has completed its 80 percent of the shooting. But the hot news about the film is that the unit is facing trouble in the last minute due to non availability of actress Rajashree.

Rajashree, who is playing Aadhi’s mother in the film, is not available for the final schedule of the shooting as she was recently married to her relative. One of the close sources says that as her husband’s family is against acting, she is avoiding the shooting.

The producer of the film is facing more trouble as there is no official agreement between him and Rajashree for the film and so he even cannot complaint to actor’s council against her.

Let’s wait and hope for the best for rest of the film!


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