Rajamouli denies Naan Ee was inspired from Australian Short Film Cockroach

Rajamouli denies Naan Ee was inspired from Australian Short Film Cockroach

Rajamouli denies Naan Ee was inspired from Australian Short Film CockroachThe colossal success managed by Tollywood film-maker S.S. Rajamouli’s latest Tamil-Telugu bilingual Naan Ee has been matched only by very few films.  Released as Eegaa simultaneously in Telugu, the film did very well in both the languages, thereby reasserting Rajamouli’s new-found status as the ‘showman of South Indian films’.

However, Rajamouli is disappointed that some sections of the Telugu press have reports citing that the film was ‘inspired’ heavily by a Australian short film titled as Cockroach.  The reports further said that the film was made by an Australian director Luke Eve, way back in March, 2010 and that SSR had made the ‘necessary changes’ to make the script suitable to his style of film-making.

The Cockroach Trailer

The script of Cockroach has the hero accidentally run over by his own wedding car, he is given another chance at life. Reincarnated as a cockroach he does everything in his power to convince his grieving widow that he has returned. He must woo her back or risk losing her forever. Seems  SSR had taken the ‘crux’ of the story and had only introduced a villain in his script.

Denying vehemently that his is a borrowed script, SSR has said that he had never even watched or heard about the film Cockroach.  “I’ve not watched the film…My script for Naan Ee was inspired by an animation movie wherein a person who is h(a)unted by the villain reincarnates as a dog and takes his revenge on his tormentor,” says SSR.

With this explanation, shall we let the controversy die a natural death?



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