Rahmans Rockstar a diamond victory

Rahman’s Rockstar – a diamond victory

Rahmans Rockstar a diamond victory

AR Rahman’s Rockstar album has gone ahead to win the prestigious honors at the 57 Filmfare awards this year held in Mumbai. Rockstar was Rahman’s sole release in Bollywood for the year 2011 and the composer has made a bold statement yet again, bagging the award among other top Bollywood contenders.

Director Imtiaz Ali had contacted the maestro for the project 4 years back but owing to his never ending list of commitments, he had to push the project further, only for good. The Rockstar audio album was cleverly promoted, with a concert in the Bollywood capital Mumbai, which saw hero Ranbir Kapoor performing to the tunes of the composer. The humble composer he is, Rahman has already confessed that Rockstar is not one of his best works till date, promising to deliver something even bigger next time. Many Rahmaniacs however believe that the youth pumping “Sadda Haq”(also Rahman’s favourite) and the Sufi toned “Kun faya” were gems to be added in their collection. After receiving the award, a 47 ct diamond studded one, he said, “Thank you, Filmfare, for the diamond-studded statuette for Rockstar! Ellappugazhum iraivanukke!.” Ranbir Kapoor won best Actor for Rockstar and Vidya Balan won the Best Actress for The Dirty Picture.

Rahman we are pretty sure Ek Deewana Tha (Hindi VTV) is going to fetch you another one in 2012 🙂


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