Rahmans heart is in India


The melody king ARR is one who experienced international success at an alarming pace recently, Also known as the Mozart of Madras the new addition in his list of clients was the Nobel Peace Prize Committee which has requested the talented composer a theme song.

His list is ever increasing, with renowned artists flocking to work with him internationally but ARR says his priority is always Indian films ,currently putting his efforts in composing for Hara, Ponnar Shankar, Paani, and Nair San.

His recent compositions were for Danny Boyle’s movie ‘127 Hours’ and CWG theme song. But now AR Rahman signed to compose  for the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has yielded more media attention as the genius failed to fulfill the expectations with his CWG Theme song.

Rahman was criticized by some for the track he composed for CWG recently, but he was quick to win hearts for his soundtrack  in 127.

Hopefully he will continue in this good form with his upcoming projects and give all those unsatisfied Indian souls a reaffirmation with his mastery.

“We wish him good luck and wish God gives him more blessings in spreading our music beyond regional barriers and enough time to compose for Indian films too.”


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