Rahman unveils a refreshing Airtel tune

Rahman unveils new Airtel tune
Rahman unveils new Airtel tune

Airtel has revealed their new Signature tune on November 18,2010 and you guessed it right A R Rahman has composed the tune. The maestro has given a refreshing makeover to the earlier tune he composed  as the occasion also marked the launch of the new Airtel logo for reaching a 200 million customer subscription landmark.

You can catch the tune through the Airtel website which has been made available for Pc and Mobile phones.

The Airtel logo which is an interpretation of the English letter โ€œaโ€ signifies โ€œyouthful, international, inclusive and dynamicโ€ and after listening to the tune we couldn’t agree more.

You can hear the tune along with the new logo below and do tell us if you like the new one or still prefer the older one?

This was one of the popular old tune aided in the promotion of the brand



  1. Vasin

    ARR never impacts first time. However the second tune had a little. But then again still it is not adeqaute. Why do ARR’s singers always sing in feeble voice without conviction.

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