Rahman made to say sorry For CWG song

Rahman-Common Wealth games

Chennai’s very own Oscar  winner A.R. Rahman, on Friday said he was “sorry” as the  number  he composed for the Commonwealth Games theme song  ‘Yaaro India Bula Liya’ had attracted criticism from many quarters.

Rahman said, “I am sorry if I have let anybody down on this but defended the song saying ‘definitely I am proud of the composition and the anthem”.

Of course, some people did not like it and it became a huge controversy,” he said. But  later also self defended saying  there was a positive reaction when the theme song was tested on people from different nationalities. “It had lovely feedback from Australia, England and all those places, who had not heard about the controversy and they loved the song,” he added.

It is not easy to satisfy everyone but “I will try my best” in future and added that he has realized that next time he should be more careful to compose music to satisfy both young and old generation.

A R Rahman’s Rocking Performance – Common Wealth Game 2010 Stills



  1. shyam

    hey legend come on man….u dont need to feel sorry about this….u have been perfect with your composition….

  2. krishna

    Whatever happened has happened for the good cause.  The composition seems to suit today’s generation with punch and valour. But at the same time we should remember our Asian Games in Delhi which projected India to the entire sport world with a beautiful song “Swagatham”. The song did not have punch in it but it carried our tradition and culture not only to the asian countries but to the entire world. Let us hear more songs like that and we hope that today’s composers can bring it out more like that. 

  3. aravind

    hey legend u dont tell sorry to us…bcoz u r a damn musician dat i ever seen
    and i m a die hard fan u sir…will die 4 u and ur musiq…

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