Chellame radhika

Radhika’s Chellamae shifts location to Kodaikkanal

Chellame radhikaAfter remaining a successful heroine in films for more than two decades and starring opposite all the leading heroes including superstar Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vijaykanth, Sathyaraj, Prabhu, K. Bhagyaraj and many others, Radhika turned her attention to small-screen almost a decade back. The rest is history, as they say, as she has found a very receptive and appreciative audience on small-screen too.

Radhika’s successful association with Sun TV continues despite  her husband’s political affiliations with the AIADMK. Radhika’s Radaan Mediawork  appears to have booked the prime-time slot of 09:30 p.m. on Sun TV ‘perennially’ with the tele-serial Chellamae. Now the tele-serial shifts its location to Kodaikkanal for the next few months, it is reported.

Those who watch the serial without missing an episode know that as per the script, Chellamma (Radhika, of course!) hands over Santhi’s child back to her after it is confirmed through DNA test that the child is biologically hers. Chellamma’s quest to locate her daughter Kannamma commences as the shoot shifts to Kodaikkanal. Chellamma’s husband Vadamalai finds out the whereabouts but doesn’t inform her about the same.

Sneha and Sivaranjani, who treat Chellamma as their enemy, strike out a deal with Vadamalai whereby he sells off his daughter to them for a few lakhs of rupees. In the meantime, Chellamma saves Gayathri (second wife of her husband) and even saves her child in the foetus. Vadamalai, however, starts a business with the money he got through the deal even as Chellamma tries to find out the origin of his ‘sudden’ wealth.

As the serial proceeds, many interesting sequences are in the offing, it is reported. Besides Radhika, others essaying prominent roles include Maalavika, Devipriya and Vijayalakshmi. Guru Sampathkumar has penned the script of the tele-serial.



  1. Jangri

    One of the worst serials by Radaan.The previous ones were good especially Chithi.This story seems to go beyond infinity.So many characters has been damaged particularly Vadamalai’s.Ellarum kettavanga suyanalavatheenga Chellama va thavira.Nallavanga ellarayum kettavangala maathi Chellama ku ethiriyaa panikatanga and this one woman army will fight all injustices and succeed.Padu mokkaiyappa! Kodaikanal poga vendam chennailiye serial ah mudichudunga punniyama pogum.Chellama and Athipookal seems to be competing with each other-which serial can be dragged the longest.thooo!!!

  2. amrith

    aijooooooooooooooooooooooo innuma chellamma stop this nonsens. come to a end i know for sure people starting to hate this drama.

  3. Joseph Rahul A

    With the Electricty totally off (all day) in most of the parts of Tamil Nadu. Dont know for whom is Radhika shooting this serial for?
    Can she restore Electricity to watch her serial atleast?

  4. geeyes

    Chellamma characterisation is bad. She is ignoring her family around her and makes her own decisions. High handedness.It is irritating.

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