Radhika returns to films with Kamudhiyil Oru Kadhal


Keeping with the trend of films hitting the silver screen on a regular basis with their scripts having the backdrop of Madurai, yet another film is getting ready with the temple town as its backdrop.

The film has been titled as ‘Kamudhiyil Oru Kadhal’ and would be directed by Suriyaprakash, who has made Rajkiran’s ‘Manickam’ and Sarathkumar’s ‘Maayee’ and ‘Dhiwan’, etc. After a considerable break from the industry, Prakash returns as director and would also be penning the story and dialogues of the film.

“The film would be depicting the romantic loves of an actual couple which lived in Nattarpatti in Dindigul some time back. As far as possible, I would be bringing to celluloid version the (f)actual story sans any filmy insertions. In fact, I’m even planning to shoot in the places where the couple lived in these localities.”

Radhika is all set to play an important role in the film, he says. “Radhika would be playing the role of the mother and her role would be spoken about for a long time to come. Her role would become as popular as Sarathkumar’s role in ‘Maayee’ became. Vikram would be debuting as music director with this film,” concludes Suriyaprakash.


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