radhika apte

Radhika Apte mobbed and teased by fans

radhika apte

The craze among film-goers and fans to watch their favourite stars in action during shooting schedules is almost legendary in Tamil Nadu. Even more legendary is their intent in shaking hands with their favourite stars. If the star happens to be a heroine, she would even have to contend with the acts of pinching and harassing by her fans. This has happened many times in the past and Radhika had a taste of it recently.

Radhika Apte, who debuted as heroine in Tamil film by playing Prakashraj’s wife and mother of a school boy in Dhoni, now plays Ajmal’s heroine in an upcoming film titled Vetriselvan. In Vetriselvan, Radhika plays a typical commercial heroine apparently in her bid to win viewers’ hearts in a sexy role. The film’s shooting was recently held in the Pahalgam locality of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Little did the film’s crew would have visualized that they would face trouble from the crowd the way it happens in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. A huge crowd had collected at the venue of the shooting where very few films are shot. The sequence which was canned on that particular day had Radhika clad scantily in a macro-mini skirt and a minimum-length tops which barely covered her assets.

The crowd went berserk after watching Radhika and started taking her photographs on their cell-phones. When the crew tried to prevent them from doing so, the people got irritated and were about to attack the crew members who got panicky as they didn’t know the local language to converse with the people and make them understand. Radhika was soon shifted to her caravan which left the place at once.

The crew cancelled the shoot and moved to another locality where they canned the dance sequence. Commenting on the incident, Ajmal expressed surprise and shock at the behaviour of the people. “It’s true that some of them tried to misbehave while most of them were courteous,” he said and added that filmy-goers were the same irrespective of the region.


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