Radhika and Ajmal

Radhika and Ajmal caught in an auto accident in Ooty

Radhika and Ajmal

It was disaster hour for Rudhran and his actors. The Director has been shooting for his upcoming flick Vetri Selvan, with his lead duo of Ajmal and Radhika Apte in Ooty. When things were to be given a final call, an accident near Charing Cross left everyone rattled.

Director Rudhran was shooting one of the scenes, which required actors Ajmal, Radhika and his assistant director taking an auto ride. Calling for action, the auto took off as instructed but lost all balance hitting a median, flipping upside down. The wall however came as a life saver, as the director told us, “Thank God we are saved. If it wasn’t for that wall there were heavy chances of the auto going straight down hill. Everyone was so tensed.’ Radhika, Ajmal and the assistant director were rushed to a nearby hospital .Even though Ajmal was injured; all three, came out suffering just minor cuts. The brave hero did resume the shoot within hours however a new auto had to be brought in as replacement. After their narrow escape, the team is bound to be more careful shooting at the hill station.


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