Radha Ravi – Rahul Gandhi Political Meet

Radha Ravi - Rahul Gandhi

After losing power to DMK in 1967, the Congress party has always played a second fiddle to DMK or AIADMK.

By this strategy the Congress party in Tamil nadu could not develop into a single major party and the party is now made up of innumerable number of factions.

Rahul Gandhi who is paying more attention to Tamil nadu is under the impression that Tamil people may be taken for granted if some actors come for election campaign.

A decade before it was said Actor Rajinikanth would be roped in to TN Congress party to gather popular support, but Rajini refused to provide his support.

Then Rahul Gandhi tried Vijay and Ajith the young popular actors to become members of the Congress party. But those heroes were said to have turned town the offer. Now as the elections for the assembly are around the corner Rahul has turned towards second level supporting role actors who are readily available.

Actor Radha Ravi who is a former MLA and has worked for both the DMK and the AIADMK in the past is moving towards joining the Congress party, it is learnt.

Reportedly actor and South Indian Film Artistes Association (SIFAA) general secretary Radha Ravi met the All India Congress Committee general secretary Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi on Friday. The meeting took place at Rahul’s residence Friday morning.

Emerging out of the meeting, the actor said he has been invited to join the national party, which heads the Union government.“We discussed the political situation in Tamil Nadu and Rahul Gandhi invited me to join the Congress. I will take a good decision within a week”, Radha Ravi further said.

Earlier S. Ve Shekar the Ex AIADMK MLA and popular actor too has expressed his intention to join Congress party.



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