Radha advices new comers to be polite


Radha, the ‘dreamgirl’ of Tamil films throughout the eighties, starred in more than 150 films in various films and acted against all the leading heroes and legends of the film industry including the late Sivaji Ganesan. She holds the unique record of starring in more than 4-5 films made by her mentor and veteran director Bharathiraaja.

Radha’s daughter Karthika is debuting as heroine in Tamil films in ‘Ko’ opposite actor Jeeva. The K.V. Anand-directed film is gearing up for a February release.

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On the eve of release of the film, Radha has cautioned the newcomers in the industry to be ‘polite’ and ‘obedient’ in order to achieved the desired amount of success in their careers.

“Actress who have displayed the ‘I-know-everything’ attitude have bitten the dust in the film industry; I have seen it. I would like my daughter to be as successful (if not more) as I was. When I was on top in the industry, it didn’t get to my head. Only now when people speak highly of my films and my performances do I realize that I have done ‘something’ worth talking about.

“I would advise all the newcomers to be very polite. They should be within their limits. While an actress is on top of her career, she should plan her family life as well,” said the veteran.

Point noted, Ma’am!



  1. Nayak

    Good. At least she has a good family life. This should be the case of all heroines. See, Seetha…she had a good family life but due to her attitude she has become a prostitute….so actree beware…enjoy ur days in the film industry but alos make sure you get into a good family life…

  2. Vasin

    Seetha Priyasakhi’la paarthriken; good looking; articulate; recently marry pannikitanga; second time. Athukaga thappa pesereengale! Koosalaya vai ongluku?

  3. RAVIN

    i support vasin in this.. doesnt mean a actress divorce and remarries she is bad or prostitute! u held the light for her?

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