Raavanan Movie Updates

Raavananan Movie Updates

Raj TV has acquired the satellite rights of Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavanan’ for an astronomical amount of Rs.five crores.Buying the rights, Raj TV that has always been screening small budget or old movies, has for the first time bought a big budget movie for such a huge price. Nevertheless the efforts will pay off when ‘Raavanan’ will have a Television premiere on a festive day!

Well ‘Raavanan’’s Hindi version ‘Raavan’ is being premiered in London and while the premiere’s not over yet, the sale of the rights has been announced. It is learnt that a tough battle for buying the rights had taken place and Raj TV emerged winner among all the other Tamil satellite channels. With this ‘Raavanan’ comes to the second place of the ‘Highest Paid Tamil Movie for Satellite Rights’ list. With the first being Rajinikanth’s ‘Sivaji’.

Raavanan(Telugu Villain Press meet at hyderbad)

The making of Raavanan (Tamil version) was not easy, said director Mani Ratnam during an interview to popular English daily. He added that since Tamil is a language known to him, he has far more responsibilities while in Hindi he may leave it to others. In his words, “If it is in Tamil, I hold more reins in my hand.” Mani pointed out that he trusted the scriptwriters and actors a little more while working in Hindi films.

Mani Ratnam has revealed a secret that he actually planned to bid adieu to films after completing ‘Raavanan’. He however has changed the plan now and is getting ready for his next project.

“When I was getting ready to start ‘Raavanan’, I thought I would retire after this venture. I wanted to settle in Kodaikanal and play golf everyday. Having completed the movie now, I am ready to start my next project soon,” the filmmaker said.

Other interesting details revealed from Sources close to Madras Talkies say veteran actor Prabhu is playing Vikram’s elder brother in this movie. “His character name is Singam and it is a very powerful one quite similar to the name,” they maintain.

Saying Prabhu would also tickle the funny bone of the audience with some interesting one liners (dialogues by Suhasini Mani Ratnam), sources add his character has been shaped up in a lively way by Mani.

On the role played by Karthik, another yesteryear hero, sources say he comes as a forest officer who assists Prithviraj in his mission to rescue Aishwarya Rai, who is abducted by Vikram. “On the whole, ‘Raavanan’ is going to be a racy thriller,” they conclude.


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