Raavanan in 1300 Theatres world wide-Advance booking Starts

Raavanan in 1300 Theatres world wide

‘Raavanan’ is getting released worldwide on June 18th. Though the director of the film Mani Rathnam has not revealed much about the film, the expectations are at the peak among the fans. ‘Raavanan’ has been the talk of the town for quite a long time.

‘Raavanan’ has a huge mix of talented personalities which add on to the expectation of the audience. Mani Rathnam, Vikram, Aishwarya Rai, A R Rahman, Santhosh Sivan and a lot more to the list.

News come out that, ‘Raavanan’ will be getting released with the maximum number of prints to set a new record in tamil film industry. In Tamil Nadu, a total of 220 prints of ‘Raavanan’ – the Tamil version with Vikram and Aishwarya in the lead with Prithviraj, would be released on various screens that apart a number of 125 prints to be dispatched overseas.

In Andhra Pradesh, 125 prints of ‘Villain’ – the Telugu version would be released for screens erstwhile Andhra besides 25 prints for overseas for the Telugu population outside India. Not just that, the Hindi version will be released on a bigger margin.

The Hindi version ‘Raavan’ starring Abhishek Bachchan as the male lead with Aishwara Rai and Vikram in the cast would be released with 500 prints across the country besides 305 prints for overseas. In total 1300 prints of ‘Raavan’ in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil will be released on Friday.

In UK and USA all the three version of ‘Raavanan’ is getting released. Watch on theatres near to you and enjoy.

Advance booking sales at the counters are expected to start tomorrow and theatres across the city are propping up measures to tackle the crowd.


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