Raavanan Expanded Editon DVD

Raavanan CD + DVD Premium Pack
Raavanan CD + DVD Premium Pack

After Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa Collectors’ Edition Pack it’s

Raavanan (CD + DVD Premium Pack CD and DVD). The Raavanan Special Edition comes with 5 Additional Soundtracks + Making of Music & Audio Launch DVD it’s being offered at a price of Rs.149.00 by Sony music.

The additional tracks include:

1. Naan VaruveneAR.Rahman, Jali Fily Cissokho

2. Lament of the leaves – Bruno Conn

3. Restless Mystic – Played by Seenu

4. Yaaro Evalo – Chinna Ponnu, Sangeetha

5. Kalingathu Bharani

The track Naan Varuvene is one of the most beautifully rendered and coupled along with the cinematography it will surely send you into the “This is what I wanted” mode.

So check the video out and don’t forget to purchase your special editions.


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