Raavana team shoots live cow delivery

Mani Ratnam has gone to the next level of film making. If you observe, his movies do not contain much of computer special effects either. He has painstakingly shot a delivery scene.

According to sources close to the unit, for a particular scene in ‘Raavana’, Manirathnam wanted to shoot a pregnant white cow delivering its calf. Hence to capture that natural phenomenon, Mani had arranged for 20 cows that were ready to deliver anytime. Therefore he made sure a set of a cow shed was arranged at Orccha in Madhya Pradesh. But it wasn’t that easy. The entire production unit waited for 2 weeks, as one cow among the lot was ready to deliver.

As per instructions given by a veterinary doctor, the unit was ready as early as 6 am on that given day. Till the entire calf came out, the entire proceedings were recorded on cam. The duration for the entire parturition took about 10 hours. At the end of which the entire unit was happy and importantly Abhishek Bachchan who was part of the scene.

Mani Ratnam appeared to be relaxed after the scene. The entire unit was so happy that a baby was born on their sets! With so much effort behind ‘Raavana’, let us hope it is all worth it!


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