Ra One hurts South Indian sentiments

Ra One hurts South Indian sentiments

Shahrukh Khan does have his own way of working out the box office collections. With some clever marketing skills up his sleeve and pouring his heart out for fans he really can be the single reason that an SRK movie clicks heavily with WHATEVER stories he pulls up be it old or new.

Now there’s the catch – when WHATEVER….crosses the limits to the heights of hurting people’s or so called fans sentiments things do turn ugly. And so has been the case with his recent release Ra.One, which was publicized in the Southern regions including Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh with much pride. In an effort to spread his wings down South, SRK seemed to be at his demeaning best showcasing Tamilians as Technology obsessed geeks playing the incompatible family man Shekar Subramaniam, the one who goes ‘Ayyayo’ when he’s happy or for that matter sad (which got quite irritating until the fight sequences came up), and to top things up adding curd to chow mein. (what ..da…..f…)

When all is said and done, the even burning question that remains unanswered is why Thalaivar Rajinikanth gave a YES !! (even rejecting his doctor’s advice to take enough rest) and star in a movie that can be termed not less than humiliating.



  1. Soola Karuppan

    if kannadigas can protest against SINGHAM (hindi) movie in why not the tamils in TN? oh sorry we are the understanding type – go ahead make more fun of us SRK ji …we just clap for tamil sentiment in 7aam Arivu but dont even have the 6th sense to start a agitation to ban the movie in TN -aiyyayo

  2. Anonnymous

    Well it is a stupid argument to begin with and it will end badly…. It’s a nice movie and everyone is forgetting the fact that it is a movie for godsakes…..Get a life everybody and give and take….. 

  3. sen

    i am an EELAM tamil…i know for a fact the nort indian have no respect for tamil in tamil nadu or eelam …it sad..i live in canada i have friends from north panjab or gurathy…they all have the same view..our movie suck and their hindi is better…come on they even mak fun of our super star…no onw come close to rajini…no movie in india can beat the movie bassha…what a acting by our star rajin…it about time we stand up or for ever we live in shame tamil endru solla ada thali nimentu nill ada  

  4. thilak

    otha shoot tamilians like this…bastards retards its just a movie and we all r indians otha apporam ena mayuru da tamila ulla illukuringa…enjoy the movie dont wait for a chance to create a problem..only in india we are divided by so many language and religions we dont have an identity for us….otha una madhuri thevidiya pasangala saava adikanum..

  5. thilak

    ou fuck off asshole..we indians respect every one sentiments pls dont divide us as north indians or southindians we r just indians…why the fuck ur bothered about we indians mind ur own business and stay in  canada, people like u always divide us..

  6. David billa

    Why rajini accepted?Its because the best part of ra one is his cameo though it was a cg..tat stupid shah rukh sucks big time.North indians who make fun of south indians are nothing but a bunch of silly bastards.

  7. Soola Karuppan

    anyways ..eating with hand and licking the curd/yogurt from the hand has been a tamil culture ..so when SRK does that in the movie – why does it hurt the sentiment? are we projecting ourselves to be something different than what we are ?

  8. Soola Karuppan

    and ..may be SRK paid a tribute to Tamilians by playing the lead /hero character as a Tamil scientist while exagerating  the ‘quirks’ in our mannerisims ?  ( just trying to see things from a positive light)

  9. Smile

    He looks like a geek in this still.Evaru eppo tamizhana nadikalenu yaaru azhudha???The worst part is his accent when he speaks Tamil.I think he should stick to his bollywood films.If he insists on doing something in Tamil,then it should be a role like the one he did in Hey raam.Even Amrish Puri acted in Thalabathy.It was good.Today if SRK makes fun of curd…tomorrow our actors should make fun of chapatti as well…..

  10. Smile

    SK,eating with our hands is Indian culture just the way Japanese burp after a meal.North Indians too eat with their hands.Don’t they eat curds??? But mixing it with chow mein and eating as if we can’t live without curds is so absurd.Don’t Indians eat chow mein the way it is??Will Chinese eat fish curry with soya sauce or Japanese eat burger with wasabi???

  11. jimikiee

    good descriptive article.the northies should stop this mockery of tamizhs, they stillthink we are madharasies.  and Endhriran has proved as another milestone. the thought tamizh will be crazy if the make a character as tamizh and make the hell out of it. SRK and North indians should be shown that we tamizhs are more than this an dwon tbuy mockery to buy our $$$  and rupees

  12. Soola Karuppan

    david kulla .. why r u putting words in my mouth? licking ass is actually ur culture ..David is not tamil name – u dont have the right to comment here .. so do this for me stick ur pinky finger in ur ass …take a lump of shit and lick it two times a day before and after meals – in ur case ur mom’s shit. by the way u r not born to ur dad ..but to ur neighbour from Isreal

  13. Arun

    If SRK had fallen on Shankar’s feet, he would have directed SRK to next big level. But FATE he still need to FALL in our THALAIVAR’s feet. 😛

  14. valavilsasi

    It is a great achievement to make the so called king khan to act a a tamizhan. It is just because we are counted high. Shahrukh can not dress up as a Punjabi, Gujaratti or A Maharashtrian and calim to be a tech savvy- people will not buy him. But he just wanted his character to be convincing and that is why he acted as a tamizhan. He has come to our feet.

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