R.K. Selvamani Akila set for November release

R.K. Selvamani’s Akila set for November release

R.K. Selvamani Akila set for November release

R.K. Selvamani, who made many successful films such as Vijaykanth’s Captain Prabhakaran and Pulan Visaranai, and Prashanth’s Sembaruthi, is set to release his new film Akila next month.

It’s been more than a decade since Selvamani has made any film. His last film as a director was made way back in 1999. He then took a back-seat and concentrated on getting married to actress Roja and setting up his family. In 2010 he  had plans to launch  Pulan Visaranai-2  with Prashanth in the lead, but the project never took off after a stage.

Now Selvamani is back to  recon with Akila, produced by Shri Mahalakshmi Films. The film stars greenhorns Anandan, Arthick, Narein, Hitasha  and Baby Yuktha in lead roles.R.K. Selvamani also play a role in the film as a terrorist.

This movie revolves around terrorism with the plot that no organization, which abets the people in the name of revolution and foments terrorism, would succeed in its final goal.

Music director  Adithyan has scored the music for the film.


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