Pushkar-Gayathri talk about Quarter Cutting

Pushkar-Gayathri talk about Quarter Cutting

Pushkar-Gayathri, the husband and wife directors commenced their directorial venture with Oram Po. Despites, coming up with a different theme, the powerless screenplay became a hurdle for film’s success.

VA Quarter Cutting is their second project and and they are catering to their image in Kollywood. While the English title caught the attention of many, their innovative teaser and trailer of the film have created a buzz.

The duo couple is excited about Va – Quarter Cutting, a film in which Shiva, Lekha Washington and SPB Charan in lead roles. Confident in the script, the cast, their performance and the outstanding music by GV Prakash Kumar they believe that, the film would be a definite success!

About the interestingly-titled film…

The movie happens in one night. It starts by 6.30 in the evening and ends by 6.30 the next morning. It is set in the month of Aadi. So, there will have little rain and Amman thiruvizhas, with all the serial lamps and loudspeakers. It’s a journey of two characters — played by Shiva and SP Charan — through one night and the people they meet. It’s essentially a comedy that has also got a sense of adventure to it. But yeah, the storytelling is quirky.

Face off with Shiva – the hero
Shiva, the guy who rocked Kollywood in Tamizh Padam, gets a chance to light up the screen again in Va – Quarter Cutting. So, is there any special reasons that you chose Shiva?

We cast Shiva because whatever he says sounds funny. Even if he says ‘Good morning’, it comes across as funny. The only catch here was that he had to play a guy from Coimbatore and he had to get that dialect right.

Other cast and crew..

We wanted a sweet-faced, slightly chubby guy for the other character and we zeroed in on Charan. And for Lekha’s character, we needed someone with a schoolgirl kind of face, who looked vulnerable. Lekha has that paavam look. And, there is a host of quirky supporting characters like choreographer Kalyan, Craig, Abhinayasri and of course, John Vijay, who plays the villain. We have basically gone for the same crew with which we worked on Oram Po — Nirav Shah (cinematographer), GV Prakash ( composer) and Anthony ( editor).

Shooting during the night…
Shooting during the night is quite difficult. And, we were mostly shooting on actual locations. So, we could start only by 11.30 pm because of the traffic and wrap-up by 5 am as by that time, daylight filters in. And it also messes up your biological clock. After 2 am, there would be a natural dip in the energy of the whole unit. So, we never started a new scene after the break.

‘Pushkar is sometimes Anniyan!’
Gayathri says, “The thing about Pushkar is that … he changes! Yes, after 3 am, he becomes like ‘Anniyan’! However I could manage to calm him down. The entire shooting schedule was super fun for the whole team.”

Two directors working on one script… No conflicting ideas???
we have always worked together so no big deal. Also we share our ideas beforehand and only one clear idea is there when we work.



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