SA Chandrasekaran to charge for stills and videos

Produces’ Council to charge websites for Stills and Videos

SA Chandrasekaran to charge for stills and videos

With the advent of Internet and various types of computers, the world’s enormity appears to have dwindled considerably; by clicking once on the ‘mouse’, one can hands on all kinds of information of wide range of topics including politics, science, religion, sports and environment within a few seconds. This being the case, it’s highly regrettable the Producers’ Council continues to treat film-based websites in a shabby manner.

Soon after the team led by producer-director S.A. Chandrasekaran took over the reins of the Council, it has reportedly been decided that these filmy websites should pay the producers’ council a specified sum before telecasting the trailer and displaying the still photographs of new and upcoming films. Should these websites fail to comply with it, they won’t be given any data about new films, it was decided.

The services rendered by these film-based websites is almost akin to many unsung heroes in the country who work for the country’s development in the background without ever getting the opportunity to come to the forefront. The Council’s decision makes one wonder whether it appreciates the work done by these websites or not. Instead of rendering all possible assistance, it looks like the Council wants out to put brakes on their functioning.

Kamal Haasan, a leading actor who appreciates and understands the services of these websites, was asked what he thought about the services of the film-based websites. Replying to this query at the recent FICCI press meet, Kamal said that “I have never failed to note and appreciate the invaluable services offered by Internet. In fact, I’d soon be launching a web magazine titled Maiyyam. I always support these websites and their services!”

It would be appreciable if the same wisdom prevails on Producers’ Council too!


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