Producer abandons unit in hotel with no cash in hand


Producer Shanmugavel of ‘Kalingathuparani’, is being accused of abandoning cast and crew of the film in a hotel in Dindigul without any cash. As a result a complaint has been lodged with Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) while the producer has been ordered to give a justification for his act.

“When we were shooting in Dindigul, the producer vanished all of a sudden saying that he would bring money from Chennai.” said one of the members.The producer made things worse as he failed to accept any phone calls made from the desperate crew members as one of them further added, “Management of the hotel we were staying refused to allow us to leave.”

At last the crew had to seek aid of the locals. “It is unfair for a producer to do so” retorted the crew. Kalingathuparani ,Directed by debutant Aindhukovilan, has Vimal (‘Kalavani’ fame) and Manochitra (previously Nandhagi) in lead roles.

Also Producer Shanmugavel had earlier made news when he made false claims that actor Vimal had refused to act demanding a rise in pay.

Well we totally dint expect things would turn out this awful.



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