Priyamani’s Bollywood Dreams

Priyamani will be seen in bollywood after Raavan in  Rakhta Charitra. Though her first attempt  Raavan, fizzled out. The actress, who played a role of heroes sister in Mani Ratnam’s film, is now all set to play the lead in a film as  Suriya’s wife in this action adventure made by another big name — Ram Gopal Varma

I’ve always wanted to work with Ram Gopal Varma. I was in Mumbai when he narrated the script to me, and I just couldn’t say no. And I play Bhavani, who supports Suri  when he makes up his mind to kill Ravi ” Says Priyamani

And seems language is no barrier to Priyamani  as she is quite comfortable with Hindi. “I must thank my school teachers who taught me Hindi so well,” she smiles.

However, she is not keen on shifting to Mumbai, particularly after Raavan’s debacle. “I don’t know if I will be doing any more films there,” she says.

Not to forget Priyamani is Vidya Balan’s cousin who could be her inspiration into bollywood.


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