Priyamani regrets missing out on a Kerala award


The dusky starlet Priyamani’s latest Malayalam film ‘Thiragatha‘ has won her many accolades and rave reviews from the print and television media in the State. Priyamani’s greatest regret, though, is that she has missed out on winning out the coveted Kerala Government award for the ‘best actress’ as she didn’t dub in her own voice for her character in the film.

It may be recalled that Priyamani, who has always dubbed in her voice in all her Tami films, won the national award for ‘best actress’ a few years ago for her gritty portrayal of a village belle in Ameer’s ‘Paruthiveeran’. This time, though, she has missed the bus in her Malayalam film, which had a water-tight script.

This has made Priyamani more determined than before that she would never miss out dubbing in her own voice for all the films which have a scope of fetching an award. She won’t bother dubbing for her roles in commercial films but as far as ‘award-winning’ films are concerned, she would take the extra-cautious step of not missing out again in future!

The decision to dub in her own voice shouldn’t boomerang on her as her voice more often than not sounds manlier than feminine. Meanwhile, the actress is busy distributing invitations to her friends, relatives and industry folks to invite them for her brother’s wedding.

When would you be marrying, Priya?


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