Priyamani in Kshetram

Priyamani plays dual roles in Kshetram

Priyamani in Kshetram

The national-award winning actress Priyamani has some how not been finding the right offers in Tamil. The actress’ portrayal of a village belle in director Ameer’s Karthi-starrer Paruthiveeran won her the coveted national award for ‘best actress’. That’s now a thing of the past; she doesn’t seem to be among the favourites to be cast in new Tamil films by producers and directors.

She plays double roles in the upcoming Telugu film Kshetram opposite Jagapathy Babu. The local press in Andhra Pradesh is full of reports likening Priyamani’ acting in her two roles in the film to that of actress Anushka’s performance in the super-duper hit film Arundhati.

Talking about her role(s) in the film, Priyamani says “It would be appropriate to say that I play two roles set in very different backdrops and in different eras than saying that I have played dual roles. Actually, I play a North Indian girl in the present-day story and when the story is narrated in the flashback mode, I play a character in the ‘historical’ backdrop.

“As far as comparison of my character with Anushka’s role in the film Arundhati is concerned, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I feel it’s entirely different from Arundhati and has been made with lot of commitment and effort,” says Priyamani.
Let’s check her version when the film hits the screens!



  1. Smile

    Haven’t you watched Arundhathi movie?In that Anushka’s character was ‘Jakkamma’.It was a remarkable performance by her.That is what I meant….

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