Priyamani met with an accident

Priyamani met with an accident !

Priyamani met with an accident

Actress Priyamani has been in and out of news lately. Many a time, it was the not-so-filmy matters that had the lights rolling on this national award winning actress. She was last seen giving a commendable performance in Surya starrer Rakta Charitra II playing Bhawani, but ever since Kollywood seems to be a distant dream for Priyamani.

The actress is currently engaged with another Kannada film titled Anna Bond. The movie said to be a big budget offering has completed shooting some of the portions in Bengaluru, Mysore and Gulbarga. Recently the team headed to the Muthathi forest in Karnataka to shoot one important sequence but the drive turned out to be a disastrous one. The driver in control couldn’t handle the roads as his 4 wheeler took a scary down slide through the woods. By God’s grace, Priyamani escaped the accident without suffering any major injuries. Infact after the mishap, she even urged fellow crew members to go on with the shoots as most of them stood shocked wondering what went wrong.

Bravo! girl….love the spirit !


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