Priyamani in Bharathirajas Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum

priyamani in Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum

Some time back, we reported that ace director Bharathiraja has already started working on his next project titled ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’. It was also informed to the readers that actor-director Parthiban would be playing the male lead.

It now turns out that pretty Priyamani, who won the coveted national award for ‘best actress’ for her portrayal of a village belle’s role in Ameer’s ‘Paruthiveeran’, has been signed up by Bharathiraja to play the heroine in his ‘Annakodiyum…’ opposite Parthiban. This might also be the first time in Tamil that Priyamani is paired opposite a ‘senior’ hero.

Incidentally, Priyamani debuted in films in Bharathiraja’s ‘Kangalal Kaidhu Sei’, one of the few failures in the director’s illustrious career. Many years after introducing Priyamani in films, the director has now gone back to her and signed her up to play the lead role in his latest film. Despite the national award in her kitty, Priyamani’s Tamil film career never looked promising.

To shake off her deglamourized image in the minds of the public after the super-hit film ‘Paruthiveeran’, Priyamani took on some glamourous roles but couldn’t court success at regular intervals. It’s an irony of fate that despite a pretty face, a good-enough structure and a voice of her own (a rarity for a Tamil heroine), Priyamani is struggling to make a mark in Tamil films.

Parvathi of ‘Poo’ fame would be the other heroine in the film. A third heroine by name Minnal would also be introduced by the 70-year old director. G.V. Prakash Kumar has been signed up as the music director; he would be working for the first time in a film directed by Bharathiraja. Naa. Muthukumar would be penning all the lyrics in the film.



  1. Smile

    Yes she is a good actress but i think she relies too much on glamour.Her Muthazhagu character was well received by all.I think character roles suit her more than glamour.Maybe this flick will give her another break.

  2. Vasin

    She is one of my favourite actresses; she is a very keen girl; unlike Anushka her face would always say something; Anushka’s face looks blank most of the times. Above she says ‘Are you trying to impress me?’.

  3. june

    priyamani is probably the only actress who knows how to act, but since she doesn’t have to resort to cheap shows she isn;t respected….god the world is mad

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