Priyamani exploring her other side Stills

Priyamani and Bharath
Priyamani and Bharath

As Priyamani turns sultry with every new flick we got updates that she is all set with her next venture with Suresh Krissna as the director. The movie is entitled Bet and is a dubbed version of Tamil movie Arumugam that released in Chennai last year.

Suresh’s movies haven’t really gone well with cinema goers recently and there is an element of doubt that surrounds this one too.

It features Bharath who is the lucky one romancing the bombshell Priyamani onscreen.Looking at some of the movie stills it surely seems a good effort at exposing the bombshell’s naughtier side. The scintillating posters of movie released recently, and Priyamani has not disappointed with her steaming acts.

The film reportedly has an interesting dose of love and friendship stories.The film communicates traces of selfishness which can be found in love and how friendship is more liberal in comparison. Here, Bharat plays a young blood who is ready to event sacrifice his life for the sake of friendship; for the moment it surely comes across as a spicy script lets see what we have here.

Thondapu Nageshwara Rao, of Shilpi Creations,will release it in Telugu. Music for the movie has been scored by Deva.

Looking back at her career Priyamani’s presence can surely do wonders for the movies success keeping in mind her wide appeal amongst Telugu and Tamil cinema alike. We wish her all the best.

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  1. முனியாண்டி

    பார்க்கவே அருவருப்பாக இருக்கிறது. வாந்தி வருது.

  2. Oh My Gosh!!

    avalum etho ellam try pannara munna vara, aana vera etho ellam munna varuthu, at the end iva panna muyarchi ellam “ITEM GIRL” chance ku veena pochi. hehehe

    kareen na nu nenapu,her eye liner i mean hahaha

  3. Vasin

    Dei Mududa. Ava try panrala? Atha paaratu. Summa kareena Fareena nukittu. Kareena enna onnoda cousine’a? Priya namba ponnu.

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