Priyamani denies pregnancy rumours

Priyamani Pregnant

Priyamani, the national award-winning actress, is very upset these days. Debuting in Tamil films through a Bharathiraaja film, Priyamani rose up the ranks and even managed to win the coveted national award for her role of a village belle in Ameer’s Paruthiveeran. Somehow, she couldn’t manage to reach the top in Tamil films.

Not finding the right offers in Tamil, Priyamani concentrated more in Telugu and Hindi films but unfortunately, offers were far and few and weren’t enough for her to sustain her career in those languages. Of late, though, she seems to be concentrating fully in Kannada films which are widely considered as the last resort for heroines who are past their ‘prime’ in other languages.

Rumours in the Telugu press claimed a few days back that Priyamani has become pregnant. It was also claimed in that report that Priyamani’s pregnancy was the result of her secret marriage a few months back. When queried about the rumours, Priyamani said “Many things are written in an irresponsible manner about me. I even heard that rumours of my non-existing pregnancy have appeared in some journals.

“I have learnt to neglect the rumours all these years; still, rumours of pregnancy are too much about an actress who hasn’t even got married,” she replied and added that “I am not getting the right offers in Tamil nowadays; earlier, I got many offers but didn’t have the time to commit myself to them. I might also take to directing movies in future!”


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