Priya Mani fumes on bollywood heroines


Priya Mani who was forced to be replaced by Kangana Ranaut in upcoming hindi movie The Bullet Train is fuming out I wasn’t accessible, so they might have spoken to my manager. I had absolutely no idea about this. So, I really don’t know what exactly transpired, and that Kangna had replaced me,I don’t think that just because we’re from the south, we’re less talented or glamorous than bollywood heroines. And no way are we inferior to them.

Who knows, I might get a call from Priyan sir if he feels I suit the role in his next film. I’m glad that he at least considered me for this movie,

After being part of the south industry, which is known for its disciplined way of working, is she disillusioned by the way bollywood functions? “I’m not. But I definitely hope instances like this don’t recur,” says an emphatic Priyamani.



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