Prithviraj and wife Supriya visit Guruvayur Temple

Prithviraj participates in the ancient ritual of Thulabharam

Earlier it was the lovey-dovey pair of Nayantara and Prabhu Deva visiting the famous Krishna temple in the neighboring state of Kerala . Now it is Mollywood heartthrob Prithviraj and his lady love Supriya, who have arrived at the Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple seeking the Holy one’s blessings.

This was the couple’s maiden visit to the temple together. They reached the temple premises around 7:15 in the morning and observed the “Usha pooja”. Later Prithvi offered butter participating in the ancient ritual of Thulabharam– in which the person offers the equal amount of butter according to his weight. Weighing in at 95 Kgs Prithvi offered butter worth Rs.19, 005 as part of his offerings. After completing the rituals the couple hurried to their shining 4 wheeler, avoiding all media.

Let Lord shower his blessings upon the newly married couple as we wish them a happy married life for the future.


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