Prashanth ready for Second marriage

Prashanth ready for Second marriage

Prashanths  marriage  with Grihalakshmi on September 1 2005,was caught up in a messy divorce,following Prashanth had prooved Grihalakshmi was married to Venu prasad, a malayalee on December 31, 1998,And the Court gave the judgement that the marriage held to him is not an legal marriage and now the 37 year old actor  Prashanth  is all set to begin a new life.

The actor is currently busy with Mambattiyan which would be his first release after a gap of nearly 4 years, is being directed by his father Thyagarajan. This film is a remake of the smash hit Thyagarajan-starrer Malaiyoor Mambattiyaan. He also has another project lined up, which is Ponnar Shankar.

In a recent interview, Prashanth’s father and filmmaker Thyagarajan revealed that plans are afoot to get his son married soon. He had also disclosed that the marriage will take place within a few days of Mambattiyan release.



  1. Anonymous

    Prashanth dont go for another marriage. You have child, live for your child. No one knows that issue is your side or your x wife side or parents side. Forget everything rejoin and live happly. Even if you go 2nd 3rd 4th marriages no one become your first wife.

  2. Anonymous

    don go for 2nd marriage if that life becomes bad where you'll go so don take decision to marry another girl and don waste her life by marrying her

  3. A.R.A.M.

    hai prasanth,
    dont listen any one advice.. its upto you — to take clear and clarity decision.. what ever i wish you all success to u r life.
    Thanks – Regards – Arun –

  4. fenimma

    Hi prashanth,
     go ahead if ur part was right with the previous marriage, we want to to have a happy married life, but never marry malayalee. God bless u.

    Good luck.

  5. shiva

    yinda nilayum maarum be free try to be happy no one happy now not only u every one hav prob v r human so be relac

  6. shaik

    hai prashanth only you know whether you are correct or not no one knows except ALmighty Allah SWT

    so if your are correct GO as you Like coz you struggled lot, and sure go for a second marriage and enjoy you your life with success insha Allah

  7. i

    I like to see you in film . you are a good dancer and acting also . but i don’ like glammer dance .
    It damage your image . don’t want to miss any song or a sean .I have watched all the film of you.
    I like ,you don’t any seans like smoking, drinking etc and like illitrate or roudisum .
    I like comidy most. like your sellection of dress. I should say thanks to your Father who takes care
    of you . Give same important to your son . though your divorsed , he is your son . feel it . you
    are my favorite hero nun of them. from karnataka . I love tamil .

  8. i

    I feel sorry for that , they have cheated you of marring you . It shoud’t happen .
    from karnataka.

  9. i

    If there is any mistake or hurted you . I am sorry . I shouldn’t say about your son to take care .
    It’s a very painful hearing about you . I too belive in god . cheer up .

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