sneha and prasanna

Prasanna to knot 2 thaalis for Sneha ?

sneha and prasanna

For those of you who missed the big announcement, here is an interesting piece of news on Sneha and Prasanna’s wedding day. The couple who developed that loving feeling, shooting for Achamundu Achamundu, have been handing out invitations to Kollywood’s bigwig celebs these days.

Stars Rajinkanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith and Vijay are being invited personally, while for others the loved-dovey pair held a press meet at Prasad Labs. This time there were no movie announcements but a humble wedding invitation to everyone present at the event, from the to-be-happily-ever after duo. Prasanna’s statement of tying the wedding knot ‘twice’ came as a surprise for many. He joked that it will make the bond only stronger. Said Prasanna, “It is a love cum arranged marriage for us. The wedding will be performed in two customs (Naidu and Brahmain) as per the likes of Sneha and my family and Yes! I will be tying two thalis to her.” Sneha on the other hand, has already made plans on her new role as a wife. The couple did have a lot of convincing to do, as they told their parents about their love affair. Says Sneha, “Prasanna’s mother has been showering loads of affection on me. After marriage, I would like to lead a simple life, like that of any ordinary woman. I would strive to be a perfect wife.” Sneha – Prasanna’s big wedding day arrives this May 11th.


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