Prasanna-Sneha Marriage

It’s time for yet another Kollywood’s reel couple to become real couple in life. Capping their nearly three-year long love affair, actor Prasanna is all set to unite his hands with Smiling beauty Sneha, ending all the rumours about them..!!. Prasanna announced this news officially today.

Sneha and Prasanna acted together for the first time in Achamundu Achamundu. It was then the relationship between them got strengthened and kick started to fill gossip columns. They were seen together at all events – be it film premieres, parties or at common friends’ houses(including the recent Ra One Premiere Show  Gallery.

Neither did the stars deny the relationship, nor accept it in open.

Today Announcing his marriage with Sneha, Prasanna said, “Me and Sneha decided to marry soon with the blessings of our parents.  The engagement is going to happen soon.”

Let us wish the star couple, a very happy married life.



  1. Sam

    “….didn’t even know they were seeing each other”… commooon. Anyone checking cinema news sites will definetly know this. There was a big story on this during and after the filming of Achamundu Achamundu.

    She could be a bitch …he could be an As*****, but if they like eachother, thats all they need. wish them all the best!!!

  2. Smile

    @Sam….I seriously didn’t know they were in love….i thought it was a rumour.Why would i say that if i knew?

  3. tamilan

     இவ நல்லா ஊரு மேஞ்சா? கண்ட பய இவள வேலை செஞ்சான்.. இப்ப இவன் கட்டிகிறான்.. ஏன் இத பத்தி இங்க யாரும் கவலை படுறது இல்லை? பிரசன்னா மாதிரி நிறைய நடிகர்கள், இயக்குனர்கள், தயாரிப்பாளர்கள் இருக்காங்க..  இந்த மாதிரி நடிகைங்கள கல்யாணம் பண்ணிக்கிட்டு எப்படி தான் எல்லாரும் சந்தோசமா இருக்காங்களோ? எத்தன பேரு கூட படுத்து பணம் சம்பாதிச்சா, இப்ப கல்யணம் அப்படின்னு சொன்ன உடனே இங்க எல்லாரும் “நல்ல ஜோடி”, “வாழ்க” அது இதுன்னு சொல்லிக்கிறாங்க.. இந்த நாட்டில “ஒருவனுக்கு ஒருத்தி” அப்படின்னா கிலோ என்ன விலைன்னு கேப்பாங்க போல.. எல்லாம் கலிகாலம்.. .

  4. Naan Oru Tamillan

    After watching Prasanna performance in recently release Muran, I’ve become his huge fan…and
    Sneha…well I think everyone knows about the sweet lady… especially her trademark smile which earns her the popularity as one of the recognisable and leading actress in Tamil cinema few years back.
    Prasanna and Sneha combination in Achcamundu Achcamundu was good but cannot be deemed to be perfect in terms of so called ‘chemistry among hero and herion’, but if they fall in love with each other during filming which in some situation it does so happen among the people in film crew such as (director – heroin), ( actor – actress) , ( choreographer – actress) and others…Well, I think you can recall the famous names right now which I did not wish to disclose the names. Therefore, If Mr.P and Miss S intend to live a life together, then well lets hope they build a happy family and a better society!!! HAPPY MARRIAGE!

  5. Sam

    Rite, but the whole thing started when they were here in NY for the shoot of Achamundu Achamundu…they happened to stay in the same house that was rented for for the shoot….hope you know that the director was a US resident or citizen.  So it all started form there…it was a big story then. 

  6. Smile

    Neenga solra mathiri alungalum erukanga.Athey pola ozhukama vazhuravangalum innum erukanga.Etho sila per appadi nadanthukitanganu ellaraiyum kurai solradhu seriyilla…..

    Neenga solradhu vechu partha Sneha nalla ponnu illainu thonudhu…Avanga ozhukamanavangala erukalam illamalum pogalam….adha pathi enaku theriyadhu.Appadiye neenga solra madhiri avanga thappu panirundhalum adhu avanga kalyanathu munnadi nadandhadhu….kalyanathu piragu avanga yeppadi vazhuranganu dhan mukkiyam……yaar dhan thappu seiyaley??Naan Snehavukagavo illai vera yarukagavo paninju pesaley….naatu nadapathan sonnen….atleast Sneha yaaroda kudiyaiyum kedukaley…..adhanala avangala vazhthardhu thappilaiyey…..

  7. biz

    first thing..the gossip reporters failed and covering up and saying some stories … untill dese two came up and said none of us wudnt hv no clue. 
    second thing to all people..who speak ill about others ..first watch out ur back,,stop shitting about others.. 

  8. biz

    amam korangu nee ellam ippadi pesuranala than ..kalikalam u r the one wid lamp to find out who is fucking whom isnt it?.  poda paradesi kandippa unna oruthi kuda thirumbhi parthu irukkha mattta adhan..ippadi narrow minded ah cheap ah na words use panni irukkha.. 

  9. htt

    I can’t believe all the comments given that Sneha was sleeping with other ppl etc. Ennamo neegala  avugalu bodyguard da irutha mathiri le pesiringa.

    Kanale papathum poi, kathale kekarathum poi, thiira visaripathe mei !

    What ever it will be, Que Sera Sera,…may the couple live a blissful married life !

  10. Truth

    hello Mr.tamilan, if sneha says i love you to you then you will run and fall in her feet drooling, so dont comment always bad about others first of all check your own ‘…’, also check your own personal life if there is any hole or not. if you are perfect and if your people all are perfect then you write comments about others, or else better you shut up and mind your own words.
    also just look back in your life and see how many people you might have ‘…..’ done with either in real or in your dreams.  you never know what is going on with your own people.
    vanthuttanuga perusaaaaa…..

    This applies whoever comments bad about celebrities.

  11. Aravind

    Why people or soo bugging their marry… just wish them…… its purely personal choice frs…… happy married life and have life time commitment…….

  12. CT

    Sneha is older by 3 yrs to him..but shes good looking…so they’ll stick together I guess..she also has earned more than him I guess.

    When a shitty black prostitute can get a handsome man like Ajith, Sneha is a good match for Prasanna sure.

  13. Geetha

    sneha was born on october 12 1981 and prasanna was born on 28th August 1982 and sneha is only 10 months older than Prasanna, not 3 years. I have personally met sneha in New Jersey in 2003 at FETNA
    (Federation of Tamil Sangam) meeting. Prasanna is right.She is very simple and charming and no headweight. She volunteered to take photographs with us and talked with every one as a normal girl, not as an actress.Prasanna made the right choice.I wish them both a happy married life.

  14. Thirutham

    ethu avangaloda life. they will decide. see ur back then speak others bad things.

    Happy married life to both of u.

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