Prasanna explains how he fell for Sneha’s charms


Close on the heels of revealing that he and Sneha are likely to get engaged in the near future, actor Prasanna has explained about the how he fell for Sneha. “Sneha is a nice person to move with. She is very simple, practical and outspoken in her approach. These qualities in her impressed me a lot and I wanted to have her as my life partner. That’s what I fell for.

“During the making of Achamundu Achamundu which had us starring together, we only shared professional relationship at the beginning. As the film’s shooting drew to a close, I found myself getting attracted by her various traits. Though she is a good actress, she never had any starry airs around her and behaved in a very simple manner with all the co-actors, crew and technicians.

“I wanted Sneha to remain by my side throughout my life time. We were in love with each other for the past three-and-a-half years. We didn’t rush it up and instead took time out to know each other completely. We discussed a lot, debated, thought about the pros and cons of our marital life and then only decided to get married.

“As a token of my love of her, I gave her a saree which she said she liked very much. As a ‘return gift’, she also presented to me a costly wrist-watch. I then presented an i-pod to her on her birthday. Now that the parents of both our families have given their consent for the marriage, it would soon be held and would be preceded by the engagement,” says Prasanna.

Interestingly enough, Sneha hasn’t yet said anything about the affair. Prasanna said that he would soon be addressing the press jointly with her.



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