Prakash Rajs Chutti Chathan will resurrect a forgotten path in Indian cinema

Prakash Raj Chutti Chathan
Prakash Raj Chutti Chathan

Kutty Chathan was the first 3D film in India, which was directed by Jijo in 1984.

After 26 years sans its release, the film is getting a makeover in Tamil, and is being converted into digital 3D format. Director Ramanarayanan is re-releasing the flick in all new digital 3D and has titled it as Chutti Chathan. Madan Karky has written a new song for the music will be by Ilaiyaraaja.

Releasing on December 24 it features Prakash Raj and Santhanam in roles along with Baby Sonia, Master Suresh, Master Aravind (Sutti Chattan),Master Mukesh, Urmila.

‘Chutti Chathan’ includes 40 different magic sequences in its 100 minutes run. Unlike ‘My Dear Kuttichathan’ which was available in 3D only in the cities, impressively ‘Chutti Chathan’ can be viewed even in the villages under the banner of Sri Thenandal Films & Navodya films.

Very recently Hollywood flick Avatar opened up a whole new world to us and we got transported into experiences we never thought of. It has triggered an impulse in the minds of filmmakers who now have a new area for experimentation .With the South Indian film industry never behind in the race; a new scenario is emerging where special effects have a major role to play.

For instance take the case of Endhiran, it featured a specialized team handling special effects from the leading US-based Stan Winston Studios and Industrial Light & Magic who debuted in India through this venture.
We got news earlier that Aishwarya Rai will play the pivotal role in 3D Hindi remake of Shyam Prasad Reddy’s, Anuskha Shetty starrer “Arundhati” .We spoke to him about the matter as he revealed, “A few people approached me saying that there is a market for 3D and they wanted to distribute the film if it was made in this format. We are on the job and since it is a supernatural thriller, the format works for this genre.”

There is also buzz that a re-release of “Magadheera” in 3D is in the making. A lot of filmmakers are interested in converting their movies into 3D. It will take a year for the whole process. Exhibitors also claim that 3D movies will be a positive move regarding the film industry as they mean a huge decrease in video piracy. Viewers will want to watch their heroes in the theatres for the sake of the experience. Although they will be charged a bit more since digitized films might cost more than the average film,

Well, if there is a will there is a way and firms are renting 3D projectors for lesser cost, keeping in mind the commercially viability for exhibitors.

The renowned filmmaker/producer/director Ram Gopal Varma too has joined the 3D train with his next film “Amma”. “Watching suspense thrillers on 3D format is an exhilarating experience. This will be the most expensive film in my career and the shoot will start after “Appalraju” is over,” mentioned RGV.

Industry insiders also mentioned, “With 3D enabled TV channels coming up, it has become lucrative for us to make movies in this format. We need to shoot 3D movies with a different camera and have to keep in mind the space for a lot of action sequences that make it compatible for the 3D experience. People will flock to multiplexes to watch it in 3D because of the SFX. Hope the 3D experiment will generate revenues for films. This seems to be a new beginning in the industry.”

All we can say is a change is always good, and this one surely seems to be on the better path. We appreciate the industries efforts in bringing newer experiences to the fore.


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