Prakash Raj registers marriage in Hyderabad

Pony Verma and Prakash Raj
Pony Verma and Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj recently tied the knot with Bollywood choreographer Pony Verma after repeated visits to the Egmore court .Previously,he had filed for a divorce on mutual consent with his first wife Lalitha Kumar.

On Thursday he registered his 2nd marriage with Pony in Hyderabad. Pony’s name in the marriage certificate appears as ‘Reshmi Verma’.

Though the reasons for them registering their wedding in Hyderabad are yet unknown, close sources revealed that the couple travels a lot between Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore for work and has planned to make Hyderabad their home very soon. The couple has been in Hyderabad for quite a while now post marriage, which took place in August 2010.

Pony seems quite content with the marriage and commented,

“I love Prakash Raj. And I love his children too, when I met Prakash Raj, he was out of his first marriage. I too was single then. The first time we met; I realized that he is very intelligent, shrewd and energetic. He can also willing to take on any challenges in life. After shooting a song with him, I observed and appreciated that his attitude towards technicians is great.We exchanged mobile numbers and love blossomed soon after. Soon, we became lovers and now we are married. Initially it was a tough task for him to convince my family members. When he came to our house he picked the rice which had fallen on the ground and showed how simple he is. Then it was not too difficult for him to get my family’s approval for our marriage.  I know Prakash very well from past 5 years. I know his family members very well too. We make a good couple and are made for each other.”

Well researched Pony thanks for sharing your experience straight from the heart. Prakash seems to be the man in this girls life.

She added,“Ours is a healthy relationship. And I want it to continue forever.”

We hope Prakash is content with Pony in the days to come and their marriage goes strong forever.Good luck love birds.


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