Prakash Raj – Pony Verma Marriage on August 24

Prakash Raj - Pony Verma Marriage on August 24

Four time National Award winner Prakash Raj will marry choreographer Pony Verma on August 24 this year in Mumbai according to sources. Prakash Raj and Pony have been dating each other for the past two years.

Their relationship was kept under wraps until Prakash’s divorce with Lalitha Kumari (actress Disco Shanti’s sister) came through last year in November. Now they are all set to make their relationship official.

Giving an insight into Prakash’s life with ex-wife Lalitha,  Prakash Raj married Lalitha Kumari in 1994 and their marriage lasted for 15 years. They have two daughters.

Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor, who launched Prakash Raj in Bollywood as the main villain in Wanted (Hindi remake of Pokkiri), is helping him with his wedding preparations in Mumbai. Many top celebrities from Bollywood like Salman, Akshay Kumar and Priyadharshan will be attending their wedding as per close sources.

Despite repeated calls, both Prakash and Pony remained unavailable for comment but a close friend of the couple confirmed the story.



  1. Anonymous

    i actually like Prakashraj acting boc he tunes himself in all charectorc but now i no tunes him self in life also v bad i did not expect this from u atlast u proved that u r a true filim actor v good….dont do the same with this girl atleast……

  2. Anonymous

    Guys, understand that he did no wrong…he divorced his wife and then marrying this lady…not married and having an affair like prabhudeva-nayan…then, that IS wrong! I think prakash raj choice is much better…u know, what's the point of living a life with someone when you don't even like it!?

  3. Anonymous

    above anonymous..appo enna mairuku avan mudhal kalyanam panninaan..unn ponnuku ipadi nadandha summa irrupiya…

  4. Anonymous

    above anoymous – appo enna dashku avan mudhal kalyanam panninaan..un ponnu ku ipadi nadandha nee summa iruppiya?

  5. Anonymous

    I like Prakashraj and is acting. but now i hate him. he s idiot, one day he live that girl and choice some others girls. we are going 2 see that too…

  6. its me

    ivangalukkhu ethukkhu kalyanam .. eppidi iruthalum ivangha rendu  perum after one year divorce case poduvangha
    ..venumma ithukkhu prakash raj awrad vanghalam….

  7. im me

    ivenkayellam kalyanam panni enna kizhikka pora one yearkku apporom veroru girl friendode ivenkeyellam irippanke idots

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