Prakash Raj disturbed by an inhuman act

A disturbing visual
A disturbing visual

Well Prakash Raj was on his way from Karaikudi to Madurai and that is when he came across a scene that made him feel so helpless looking at the fate of animals in our country.

Look above for the picture, what a heartless act to cage them in a such a way.

We wonder is there anyone who really thinks about these poor animals.

We are sure we too pass by many such scenes but sadly its human nature to keep perfecting the art of ignorance isn’t it?



  1. Prata

    well he could have stopped the lorry and confronted the driver, and called any animal welfare organisation in india. or he could have asked and ensured proper transportation for the cows. instead of putting it up and useless feeling. you got to act than mere talk

  2. rocan

    i go wit prata… use with this pic on the news, nothing is going to be done….he sd have cnfrntd the drvr

  3. m

    Hm. he didn’t bother to leave his girl kids all alone with their mother to live with another woman. He cares about animals??

  4. Truth

    Oh yea…His new production movie “Payanam” is going to get released soon. So a different kind of creative marketing strategy is also necessary at this time. Good job prakash raj sir !!!

  5. ram

    i appriciate  mr.m and prata
    wat he have done his ,stop the lorry find another  lorry shift few cow and traansport
    shold spend money from his pocket

  6. Critic

    I saw this guy in Hyderabad airport where he refused to give autograph ….all this are hype….don’t beleive this cine people

  7. people

    y cant he stop d car get down frm there and solve d problems unneccessarily making big publish to d people dat he s good but not alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :-E

  8. ram

    we should ashamed of this type of laws we have for animals, its really inhuman please make strict law for  treating animals in this way its totally intolerable the way we treat the animals and human too.

  9. rose

    my 2 and half year old girl said after seeing this picture that what mistake was done by these cows that they r tied up and she said we should untie it then these cows will be happy ma isint it maaaaaaa?

  10. thangai

    do you know the alimony he pays to his first wife? or do yo know the kind of relationship he shares with his daughter? Talking is easy, knowing the truth is difficult! 

  11. RAVIN

    yes his exwife asked him to pay 2lakhs a month as alimony.. is it tat expensive to live in india? then it has to be the most costliest country to live in!

  12. RAVIN

    even though he was in a hurry, he could have jus taken down the registration number and make sure the owner or the drive of the lorry is dealt with later.. he could have used his fame for something gd like that..

  13. Phil

    m you are right….. Giving only money is not enough for kids thangai and ravin. What if your fater does the same to your mother

  14. g

    Prakas raj is a pakka bussinessman. He needs publicity then and there, as someone said above, its marketing thing

  15. Bakrudeen

    Hello You,

     Atlast he took the snop & as well he published,be’se of  that we came to know.Before U asked the question what U did?so keep quite & just pass this to all as much as U can.

  16. thangai

    If you have a point, you can put it eloquently, without getting personal at your oppent. You’re being emotionally charged and not being rational at all.  Divorce is not given without two perties mutual consent. If one of the spouses decides to contest the charge (read divorce) in a family appex court , the other party, cannot get a divorce on his own, unless, he proves his/her spouse is mentally ill or committed adultary and has enough evidence to prove it. In such divorces, the spouse is not entitled to pay anything to the cheating spouse at the time of divorce. However, he may have to pay for the medical expenses if it is mentally ill spouse. When there is a mutual concent, the judge just before handing out the verdict (read divorce) asks the spouse with zero income as what she/he wants and the spouse comes out with a figure. Prakash Raj’s wife ”agreed” to divorce him for an alimony of 2 lakhs/month. When she is found a closure to her personal life with 2 lakhs/month, i do not understand why you have to make this entire argument as morally-wrorng-argument? Be Sound. Be Sane. 

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