Prakash Raj defends his ‘naked’ act in Ongole Githa


Prakash Raj finds himself in a  new controversy for his naked ‘appearance’ for a sequence in his latest Telugu film titled Ongole Githa. The film, which has Ram Pothineni and the sizzling Kirti Kharbanda in lead roles, hit the screens last week in theatres world wide.

Prakash Raj has essayed a significant role in the film, and for a important sequence in the film he has shed his clothes.

Though the film has  A Certificate from the Censor Board, This act of Prakash Raj has not gone well with many critics both in the industry and outside.  The man behind the controversy, however, appears as cool as a cucumber.

I did not shed my clothes for creating sensation, I had no plans to star in that sequence. The script demanded and it; as an actor, I have to abide by the script. Director Bhaskar told me that it would be an ‘important’ sequence in the context of the film and I just carried out his instructions. As per the script, I play a villain who remains good-nature during the day and turns a bad man in the nights.

“The sequence in question demanded that I shed my clothes which I did. I agreed to do so as I felt that it was an integral part of the script. I expect those who oppose the sequence to consider my situation as an actor and withdraw their protests,” Prakashraj concluded.

Now following the negative feedback the film has been receiving and the protets from social welfrare organisations, the scene has been removed from the film to accommodate family viewers.


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