Prakash Raj Pony and baby

Prakash Raj celebrates wife’s birthday at Taj Mahal

Prakash Raj Pony and baby

Readers are aware that Prakash Raj, the character actor-par-excellence, got married to Bollywood dance choreographer and ladylove Pony Verma some time back. The actor had been married to Lalithakumari, younger sister of ‘Disco’ Shanthi and divorced her a couple of years ago after more than 15 years of marital life. Lalithakumari, however, is said to be still in touch with her erstwhile husband on a friendly note.

Prakashraj, who has been getting many offers to star in Hindi films, has made Mumbai his home ever since he married Pony Verma. Prakashraj’s Duet Movies is presently making the Tamil-Telugu bilingual Gauravam. Pony is her hands full with many assignments in Bollywood. The busy couple is said to be not having ‘much of a time’ to be together.

As such, Prakashraj decided to surprise Pony by celebrating her birthday at the place which is widely considered by many as the ‘symbol of love’. On the eve of Bony’s birthday a few days back, Prakashraj reportedly took her to the Taj Mahal where they spent quite a few hours.

After posing for pictures at will at the ‘abode of love’, the couple left the place, not wanting to leave at all. Later, a beaming Bony Verma said that it was an ‘unforgettable experience’ and was a memorable outing.



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