Ungalil Yaar Adhutha Prabhu Dheva

Prabhudeva praises participants of dance reality show

Ungalil Yaar Adhutha Prabhu Dheva

Notwithstanding the turbulent personal life that Prabhudeva has been leading for the past 3-4 years, it remains an indisputable fact that there isn’t a better dancer in the country than the bearded choreographer who has of late become a successful director too. As such, popular television channel Vijay TV has been hosting a dance reality show to unearth the ‘next Prabhudeva’ from the youths of Tamil Nadu.

Titled Ungalil Yaar Prabhu Dheva (UYAP) (Who among you could be Prabhudeva?), the dance reality show has been one of the top programmes aired by this television channel. Vijay TV takes the cake in introducing and hosting various other entertainment oriented programmes which are plagiarized (albeit shamelessly) in ‘another form’ by a leading television channel which is unable to ‘tolerate’ the growth of Vijay TV.

Popular choreographers Sridhar and Gayathri Raghuram are the judges of the UYAP show which is in its second season. Prabhudeva took part as a special invitee in the show recently and was wholesome in his praise of the participants and at one point of time, he even remarked that he wondered whether he would be able to match the dance movements of some of the participants.

“I learnt the nuances of dancing from my father. Dancing is my life and it’s everything for me,” said Prabhudeva who appeared visibly happy at the programme getting named in his honour. Vijay TV sure deserves appreciation for re-writing the trend that Sundays are meant merey for watching movies and not for any other programmes.


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