Prabhudeva moved to tears

Prabhudeva Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal

The choreographer-turned-actor-turned-director Prabhudeva is playing the lead role after a long time in Thankar Bachchan’s first city-based venture, ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudugal’, a film inspired by the novel titled ‘Sarugugal’ (dry leaves) written by the director himself.

Reportedly Prabhudeva was moved to tears after completing dubbing for the film, had declared, “This film is enough for me in my lifetime!”, revealed by the Thankar,the multifaceted personality known for his realistic approach to his scripts. The film also sees Bhoomika Chawla return to Tamil cinema after a long gap.

Thankar who recently met with the press talked about his film, which is being produced by Ayngaran International and how he managed to cast Prabhudeva and Bhoomika. He said,“‘Kalavadiya Pozhudugal’ refers to the stolen moments in one’s life, which never get erased with time and at the same cannot be revealed.   On completion of the dubbing for the film Prabhu was so taken in by the movie that tears started rolling down his cheeks. I am dedicating this movie to all those hearts who have lost love and are languishing on earth. In today’s scenario of love and relationships, this film is a necessity. Very often, it is easy to profess your love. It’s just a matter of 10p via sms, but to take it forward and also make it work and commit, braving cultural barriers is a challenge.”.

Thankar continues, “A lot of people had looked at Prabhudeva only as a choreographer, but my experiences with him made me realize he is also a brilliant performer. But Prabhu had stopped acting by then, so I approached several big heroes (I won’t mention names) who rejected my offer without even listening to the script. When I finalised the cast more than two years ago, Prabhudeva was going through a rough patch, losing his son and more. I had my doubts about whether he would accept the film. I just left the bound script at his house and left. Three hours later, I got a call from him saying that he wanted to come on board. Prabhu told me that it was his son who had persuaded him to go back to acting. But believe me, no other hero would have justified his decision the way Prabhu did!”

Delving into the details of Prabhudeva’s character Thankar said, “There are three dimensions to his role of Porchezhian. He portrays a college student, a taxi driver and an officer in a corporate setup. He comes across as an intellectual and shoulders almost 95 per cent of the movie”.

While there is a message for the masses in this romantic story, the director also makes it clear that traditional expectations from audiences will leave them disappointed. He says, “Don’t hope to see Prabhu Deva dancing because there is no scope for his moves in this film, nor his choreography. ”

On Bhoomika’s casting, he affirms, Bhoomika’s casting was not expected, but the actress was the only one available, so it happened. However, as the film came together, the director felt she did fit into the shoes of the character. He states, “Just like audiences cannot forget Dhanalakshmi in ‘Azhagi’, they will also remember Jayanthi (Bhumika’s character) in ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudugal’.”

Prakash Raj plays a key role, “I could not think of anyone other than Prakash for his role”, Thankar affirmed. Sathyaraj makes a special appearance in the film and there is a certain degree of comic relief as well by Karuppu Raja. Other apt bits of casting is actress Inbanila who was launched in Thankar’s previous film — ‘Onbadhu Roobai Nottu’.


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