Rajinikanth Prabhudeva

Prabhudeva denies he’s remaking Rajini’s Baasha in Hindi

Rajinikanth Prabhudeva

Prabhudeva has gone on record denying that he is planning to remake superstar Rajinikanth’s Baasha in Hindi. Reports which surfaced in some sections of the press claimed that Prabhudeva was in talks with Bollywood’s Ajay Devgn to remake Rajini’s Baasha in Hindi.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s Baasha holds a special place in the hearts of all his fans and most of the film-goers as it was the first time that a Tamil hero did many anti-heroic acts in the film and still got away with it in the garb of helping the society. Many films which were made later based loosely on the script of Baasha failed to click at the box-office. Even Rajini has said that Baasha is one of the 3-4 films he holds close to his heart.

Commenting about the remake issue, Prabhudeva says “I just don’t know where from these rumours emanate. Superstar Rajini’s Baasha, according to me, is a classic film which is watched again and again by repeat audiences even after so many years of its release. The interest among the fans in watching the film, though the script is known to everyone, is amazing indeed.

“It’s indeed a fact that I’m making a film starring Ajay Devgn in the lead. Yet, its script is vastly different from that of Baasha,” confirms Prabhudeva. In the meantime, reports say that Prabhudeva has committed to dance on stage on the inauguration day of the IFFA film awards to be held in Singapore on 7th June.
Sonakshi Sinha, who is rumoured to be seeing Prabhudeva these days, would dance along with the dancing legend on that day!


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