Prabhudeva and Nayanthara continue to baffle everyone

Prabhudeva- Nayantara
Prabhudeva and Nayanthara are surely enjoying each others company

After sending Ramlath mad as a hatter Prabhudeva and his partner in crime Nayanthara have been successful in evading all court laws and jurisdictions. Well the couple have baffled everyone with their deceitful act by not appearing before the court not once, not twice but thrice.

The first time was when the Family Court in Chennai ordered the couple to appear before the court while the duo casually avoided all tensions and instead were found making arrangements for ‘special pooja’ and ‘yagna’ at the Kalahasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh, the Rahu-kethu Kshetram to ward-off all evil (now we know who the ‘evil’ is) acting as a hindrance in their effort to become united.

Then there was news of Ramlath receiving death threats, Prabhu denying Ramlath as wife and finally Ramlath trying to commit suicide for her former caretaker’s unbearable statement. Later they were again summoned by the court but sadly for Ramlath there was no positive response as the couple were again not to be seen in the vicinity (a long drive by the beach maybe).

After there were rumors of Prabhudeva being linked with Hansika Motwani canceled out by the latter recently  a third summoning has been made by the court in courier and registered post and reportedly the letter sent to Nayanthara’s Kerala address has been returned undelivered.

Looking at the situation above we wonder who is to be blamed for playing the bluff game with Ramlath. Is it the court? or is it the successful ‘off screen pair’ of Prabhu and Nayan?



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    and again, he does not LOOK attractive, he is a humble person and a great actor….people love him for that….as i said, it mostly applies to actresses…i cant really name any top actresses who was only praised for the acting but also lacked in the looks department..i am not talking about a particular movie, but for the person they are, or for the great actress they are. it makes sense too, people have eyes, they are going to evaluate an individual from what they see no matter how educated we are or whatever.
    just because something is so common now, doesn’t mean it’s the right or best thing to do….as an example, smoking is so common now, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. as a matter of fact, cosmetic surgeries are not the healthiest way to fix your beauty….natural beauty AND confidence is what plays your role among people. according to me, cosmetic surgery (especially when they already have natural beauty like nayanthara…and IF she did) does not really fix your flaws, it just shows your lack of confidence in yourself which makes your whole being unattractive.
    thank you!

  2. nayanthara's college lover

    I am still waiting for you…..if u  leave prabhu and u want to come with me…iwill be waiting at the Beach…in tiruvallu…..otherwise i’ll cmr to ur home directly…………………….!!!!!! 😎 >:o :-$ O:-)

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