Prabhudeva and Nayantara seek blessings at Guruvayoor temple

Prabhu Deva at Guruvayoor

After the divorce to Ramlath, Prabhu Deva and Nayantara have started making all the needed preparations for the wedding day. The happening couple paid a visit to the famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala on Wednesday  (July 13th, 2011) to seek the holy one’s blessings. Now that things have worked out well they completed their vow by visiting the temple.

Prabhu entered the temple early morning 7:00 clock, clad in a saffron dhoti and an angavasthram (a shawl). After observing the ‘Seeveli’ ritual Prabhu extended the ‘kadali’ plantain to the presiding deity and received ‘prasadam’ in return. Wife to-be Nayantara however opted not to step out of her car. Whether it was for spiritual reasons or to avoid the shutterbugs still remains a doubt.

A fresh beginning for the glitzy Kollywood couple.



  1. sraj

    You dumb assholes what the fuck is wrong with you people. Whats ur problem if she wants the blessing or does not. The author of this article is the dumbest fuck ever!

  2. Jaathakdev

    :-[ Bastard Prabu deva he was just waiting for a chance to marry another one… literally like raping every woman and  his brother too another ass hole .. and another waste chimpus waste is going into the family wow what a family…

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