Prabhu Deva to shake his legs for Prakashrajs Dhoni

Prakash Raj and Prabhu Deva meet over

It’s kind of the coming together of 2 men who can’t be clubbed into one single category owing to their multi-faceted appeal (…..maybe it’s their towering height that’s doing the trick…..sorry for the bad cracker…can’t help it..….no seriously with due respect both Prabhu and Prakash are extremely talented individuals) .If Prakash spreads his hands proudly being an Actor/Director/Producer….(and what not…) Prabhu gladly accepts his roles as the Dancer/Choreographer/Director (did we forget anything here now…)

Now the story goes something like this J ….Prakash was busy carrying out his directorial duties for his movie upcoming flick Dhoni, themed around the difficulties school children face in the present education system. Now guess who pays a visit to his dear pal…yes you guessed it’s .. heart-break kid ….(Pssh !don’t bobble those words again) …the leg-breaking Prabhu Deva. Soon after a round of refreshments Prakash suddenly got this hit-idea of roping in Prabhu for a dance number in the movie. (Prakash which brand of tea was that ? could you drop in the comments section).The result – Prabhu Deva plays a cameo appearance in Prakash’s Dhoni for one of the songs.

Now we do know that Prabhu and Prakash have more to it just than the movie (yeah Nayanthara ….folks) but guess we will have to keep our phones on hold for this one.



  1. Chinna R

    U want to know which tea it was..athuthanya VEPPATTI(TEA)..intha rendu naaigalum kudiya seekiram kanama poiduvannge!!!!

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