Prabhu Deva-Nayanthara failed to appear in the court

Prabhu and Nayantara
Prabhu and Nayantara

Ramlath, also known as, Latha has notified the court that Prabhu and Nayan are in a relationship and asked the court to separate Prabhu and Nayan on legal terms.

This is the 3rd consecutive time that they have failed to appear in the court. Nayan and Prabhu were to arrive at court on Tuesday in order to give their statements on the issue and were very much expected to be in the court but it seems they lacked sufficient proof to face Ramlath as they never appeared on the assigned date. The media that expected that both of them would appear before the Court on Tuesday had to return disappointed.

The magistrate had no option but to postpone the meeting to later date that being January 21st, 2011.Furthermore both of them have been notified through post and courier.

Well the ball seems to be in Ramlath’s court for now.

We have to wait till Prabhu Deva really justifies his delay with some valid proof as Ramlath seems all equipped for any situation that comes her way.



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