Prabhu Deva applies for Divorce, Wife withdraws all cases

Prabhu Deva-Nayan-Ramalath
Prabhu Deva-Nayanthara-Ramlath

The battle between actor-choreographer Prabhu Deva and his estranged wife Ramlath aka Latha is soon to end with the couple opting for divorce by mutual consent. Ramlath who had been fighting tooth and nail to get her husband back to her matrimonial home has now decided that a divorce is the best option.

Latha had three months ago filed a petition seeking restoration of conjugal rights after news paper reports that Prabhu Deva was having an affair with actress Nayanathara and he ignored the family. She also sought a direction to Prabhu Deva to reunite with her and two children and lead a peaceful life.

However, Prabhu Deva and Latha today filed petition submitting that all efforts taken by mediators and elders in their families failed to find a solution and they agreed for mutual consent of divorce. A divorce by mutual consent means a divorce is in the offing at the earliest.

The couple appeared before the Family Court judge I Pandurangan and filed the petition seeking to dissolve the marriage solemnized as per Hindu rites and customs in September 1995.

Latha also withdrew her earlier petitions pending before the court.

The principal judge for family courts here has adjourned the matter for further hearing.

Prabhu Deva and Latha married in September 1995 despite opposition from the actor’s parents. Their first son died of cancer in December 2008. Now With two sons, one aged seven years and the other about three years old Latha is expected to get an lump sum as alimony.

With the much expected divorce on its way, Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara are gearing up for their marriage.



  1. Vasin

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  2. Vasin

    Yov antha trench’kulla irnthu veliya vaangappa. Divorce pnnum kuthamilla. Manasaatchi illatha act’um illa, Staff’ku sariya sambalam kudukama staff’a respect pannama nadanthukara employers janangala eamathra politicians nu ethni per irkanga. avanga mela kobapadunga.

  3. Senthil kumar

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  5. aravind

    atleast now all the concerned person will be relaxed…..hope peace prevails them…good luck for prabhu nayan and ramlat also…make u r life happy 

  6. Vasin

    You don’t spoil a girl if you spend time with her; you both live. If you stay in the same house without living then you are spoiling each other. Remember you only live once. 

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  8. nayanthara munda

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