Power Star Srinivasan seeks publicity with Water Tank


He always poses, thinks and speaks as if he is the next ‘big thing’ in Kollywood. With a solitary hit (run in his own theatre for more than 100 days on a single-show per day basis) behind him and nothing else to boast of, the self-christened ‘power star’ is finding a reason almost every other day to make or stay in the news.

Just the other day, he was caught in a ‘title’ clash with actor Siddharth who wanted a title which was reportedly registered by Dr. Srinivasan, the self-styled ‘power-star’. Yesterday, Srini thought of another idea to garner publicity. All he had to spend was nothing more than Rs.1000 to bring the lens men to his place.

With his customary toothy smile and a big paunch intact, Srini visited Koyambedu yesterday and inaugurated a ‘sintex water tank’ to enable people to drink from it to quench the hot summer thrist. The tank had the words ‘power star’ painted in bright colours across it. He brought along with them the cast and crew of his upcoming film Mannavan fearing nobody might turn out at the event.

Power Star inaugurates Water Tank Stills

After distributing juices to those present, ‘power star’ inaugurated the biggest social service one can ever witness in his/her life time and then quit the place after some time.


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