Potta Potti gets a U certificate


The cricket fever is still on but only few remember the name that was also a part of a prestigious World Cup India played back in 1999. Yes, Sadgopalan Ramesh the only batsmen/ bowler from India who has the title for taking a wicket in his very first ball in ODI has is spinning a new ball with his stint as an actor in Potta Patti directed by debutant Yuvraj himself (a league cricketer) .

The movie has been passed on with a U certificate by the Censor Board with a modification to the title of the movie changed from Patta Patti to Potta Potti as it was not a Tamil name and previously would not have been eligible for entertainment tax exemption.

Ramesh will play a role close to his last profession as a cricket coach who comes to a village to train a cricket team who knows nothing about cricket. Harini will play the female lead in the movie whish is rooted to be a full length love story and a heady comedy.


Yuvraj is determined to release the film during the world cup to gain attention the cricket crazy nation .

Let us wait and watch how far he goes.

Best of luck Ramesh, hopefully you will not miss out on a century this time.


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